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FAQs About Floor Coatings

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What services do you offer?

MACH ONE™ offers a variety of services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our most common offerings are flake floor systems, urethane coatings for industrial and commercial needs, exterior concrete sealing, and concrete floor repairs. A representative can discuss which options would best suit your needs.

What’s better: Epoxy or Polyaspartic?

While our names says “Epoxy” MACH ONE uses a combination of both Epoxy and Polyaspartic products, whichever is best suited to your particular project.

Epoxy offers an excellent bond to concrete and can wear better over time whereas Polyaspartic is more flexible, UV resistant, and can dry faster allowing for a quicker installation time.

Often, we will use an Epoxy base coat and a Polyaspartic topcoat, particularly if the floor is in view of sunlight due to UV resistance from Polyaspartic products. This includes enclosed garages as they are exposed to sunlight when the garage doors are opened or if windows are present.

Do you only offer residential installations?

Our franchisees service homes, businesses, and industrial facilities! No job is too big or too small for our crews.

Do you warranty your work?

We sure do! To review the terms of our Limited Lifetime Warranty, please visit our Warranty Information and Service Terms page.

How long does a typical garage flake system installation take?

A standard garage flake floor system can take 1-2 days for application depending on size, condition and base products used. Garages must be completely empty and ready on the day of service.

What color decorative flakes do you offer?

MACH ONE™ offers 10 standard colors in several size options of flake to choose from. We can also special-order additional color and size options for an additional charge. Custom blend options that can give your garage a truly custom look are also available.

When may I use my garage after installation?

In most cases, you may walk on the floor and start to move items back into your garage after 24 hours from the time of completion. You may drive and store your vehicle after 48 hours of completion.

Whose responsibility is it to remove items from the installation area?

It is the Customer’s responsibility to make the work environment ready for M1 by removing excessive dirt, debris, and other hindrances. If the MACH ONE crew must remove any items from the area being coated, the Customer will be charged $125.00 per man hour for the removal of items. This will be added to the final installment payment. We will not be liable for damages caused by moving any items on the Customer’s behalf.

Where can I store my garage items during installation?

MACH ONE™ offers a storage solution for most situations. We have contracted with a local pod provider to drop off the pod prior to service and pick it back up about a week after service. This is one of many ways in which we make doing business with MACH ONE™ hassle-free. Ask a representative for more information.

What maintenance or upkeep is required after installation?

One of the benefits of a MACH ONE™ garage floor coating is the ease of maintenance. Spills and dirt can simply be wiped up. Wash out the garage using low-pressure water and a squeegee from time to time as needed.

What sets MACH ONE™ apart from other concrete contractors?

We are a Veteran-only Franchise specializing in concrete repairs, coating, and preservation. Our franchisees apply U.S. Military principles like Service, Integrity, and Pride to all of their business practices. The result is unmatched service and top-notch results.

Who can own a MACH ONE™ Franchise?

Only honorably discharged military Veterans (or active Guard or Reserve) can own a MACH ONE Franchise. If you’re a Veteran and this business concept appeals to you, explore franchise opportunities with us.

Where is my nearest MACH ONE™?

Visit our location finder to find the MACH ONE™ Epoxy Floors nearest you.

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