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Concrete Sealing Services

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Between rain, snow, UV rays, traffic, road salt, gas, and oil, concrete driveways and floors are constantly taking a beating. Left unsealed, concrete surfaces will absorb water, oils, and chemicals leading to degradation, stains, and cracks. As temperatures drop, water freezes and expands up to 9%, pushing on the surrounding concrete and compounding the problem. When left untreated, concrete may need to be completely resurfaced– an extremely costly, time-consuming job. That’s why sealing concrete surfaces like driveways, garage floors, pool decks, patios, and sidewalks from the get-go is so important. By applying concrete sealer proactively, you can prevent cracks, stains, and unlevel slabs for years to come.

Find the Best Concrete Sealing Company Near You

If you’re looking for a dependable concrete sealing contractor, enlist the help of MACH ONE™. Using premium penetrating sealers and professional equipment, we are the most professional concrete sealing company near you. When you enlist our help, you can expect unmatched results.

To begin, we degrease, clean, and powerwash your concrete, creating a pristine canvas for our penetrating protective sealer. Once the concrete dries, we evenly apply the sealer to your concrete surface using a pressure sprayer. Unlike the average acrylic sealer that forms a film on the surface, our penetrative sealer chemically alters the concrete to glassify it. As a result, you’re left with a clear, water-resistant membrane that protects your concrete from water, rain, oil, gas, UV rays, and antifreeze.

When to Find Sealed Concrete Services

If you’re unsure whether or not your concrete driveway, patio, pool deck, or garage floor is sealed, all you have to do is pour some water on it. If the surface turns a darker color and absorbs the water, your concrete is likely not sealed, or it needs resealing. If you’re noticing watermarks, oil stains, or mildew, that may also be a sign your concrete needs to be sealed.

Want to learn more about concrete sealing? Contact a MACH ONE™ Epoxy Floors location near you. We specialize in concrete coating and sealing to keep surfaces in pristine condition. Request a free quote on your sealed concrete services today!


Other Concrete Coating and Refinishing Services

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Concrete Repair Services

Prolong the life of your concrete surfaces by proactively addressing cracks, chips, and spalling.


Floor Coatings That Stand the Test of Time

Every floor coating installed by MACH ONE™ is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. If our installation fails prematurely, we will fix it.



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