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Epoxy Floor Coating Services

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Transform lackluster concrete floors into beautiful, highly durable surfaces with the power of epoxy! Available in solid epoxy and decorative flakes, this versatile concrete coating offers customizable colors and textures to fit your unique taste. This ultra-strong material is made to withstand heavy machinery, cars, and foot traffic and with water, oil, and chemical resistance, making it the ideal solution to keep concrete floors looking pristine.

Why Choose Concrete Epoxy Coatings for Residential and Commercial Use?

The popularity of epoxy has exploded in recent years for homeowners and businesses alike thanks to its durability and cost-effectiveness. MACH ONE™ Epoxy Floors customers rave about epoxy because it’s:

  • Durable enough to withstand daily foot traffic and machinery
  • Water, oil, and chemical resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Customizable
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to maintain
  • Environmentally safe
  • Quick to install and cure
  • Affordable compared to alternative flooring systems

Epoxy garage floors are the most common residential application because the garage tends to be exposed to the most traffic, temperature fluctuations, and stains from water, oil, and road salt; however, epoxy can also be applied to basements, patios, pool decks, and workshops.

Epoxy is often used for commercial facilities as well. Some of the most common commercial uses for epoxy include floors in warehouses, factories, medical facilities, auto shops, and restaurants. All of these facilities require easy-to-clean floors that can withstand heavy equipment.

What to Expect During the Epoxy Installation Process

Unlike a paint or stain, concrete coatings must bond mechanically to concrete for proper adherence; therefore, grinding or shot-blasting the concrete is essential before installation can begin. Both preparation methods profile the concrete and expose pores, giving the coating the surface it requires for a proper bond. Roughing the concrete also works to level off any minor imperfections and hide repairs done prior to coating.

While many concrete coating companies grind, not all grinders are created equally. This is where bigger is better. MACH ONE™ grinders weigh almost 1000 pounds (hence our nickname, The Beast), with a head pressure of up to 440 pounds with four separate heads.

We utilize the same equipment whether it’s an industrial application for your business or for your home’s garage; powering through and removing previously installed failed coatings in a breeze. Smaller grinders are much easier to work with, but we insist on using only the finest equipment and materials for the best results.

As you can imagine, grinding concrete can be a messy job so dust control is very important. That’s why we utilize our super-sized vacs with High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters. These vacs allow our crew to keep dust in your garage or facility to an absolute minimum.

Once the concrete is prepped and cleared of dust, we begin the epoxy installation process. Application varies somewhat depending on the type of coating being applied, but either an epoxy neat coat or basecoat will be applied to your concrete. If you’ve opted for decorative flakes, they will be scattered across the surface before it is sealed with a high-quality topcoat.

Alternatives to Epoxy: Polyurea and Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Although epoxy is the most well-known floor coating, MACH ONE™ often encourages customers to install polyaspartic or polyurea coatings instead. These two coatings are even more durable than epoxy, and offer faster cure times. In turn, this means less downtime for your business or home.

If you’re interested in learning more about epoxy floor coatings, contact MACH ONE™ today! We’ll provide you with a free quote and help you select the right coating for your needs.

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Solid Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Strengthen your concrete floors with solid color epoxy installation.

black and white flake epoxy flooring close-up

Epoxy Flake Floor Installation

Create a look that’s uniquely yours with decorative flake epoxy.


Discover Our Amazing Color Options for Residential Epoxy Coatings

Our epoxy floor and garage coatings are the perfect solution! And the best part is that we offer a wide variety of color options to fit any style and preference. From classic neutral shades to bright and bold colors, we have something for everyone. Visit our color options page to see our samples and find the inspiration you need to transform your home.

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Discover Our Amazing Color Options for Residential Epoxy Coatings

Floor Coatings That Stand the Test of Time

Every floor coating installed by MACH ONE™ is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. If our installation fails prematurely, we will fix it.



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