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polyurea vs epoxy installation
Home / Blog / Polyurea vs. Epoxy: Which Is Right for You?
Home / Blog / Polyurea vs. Epoxy: Which Is Right for You?

Polyurea vs. Epoxy: Which Is Right for You?

Polyurea and epoxy are the two most popular choices when it comes to concrete coatings. But how do you know which is right for your home or business?

August 11, 2022
4 minute read
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When it comes to concrete floors, wear and tear like cracks, chips, and even stains are bound to happen over time with everyday use. Luckily, you can protect your floors from damage by sealing them with a protective top coat. Polyurea and epoxy are two of the most common types of concrete floor coatings out there. You may wonder which one will be most durable or effective in protecting your floors. Continue to determine which type of concrete coating is the best option available for you.

What are Polyurea and Epoxy?

While you may have heard of epoxy or epoxy resins in the past, chances are you might not know what it is. Epoxy floor coating comprises polyamine hardener, epoxide resin, and other additives. It effectively protects concrete floors from damage and is durable enough to withstand daily foot traffic, heavy machinery, oil and chemical spills, and high temperatures. In addition to its durability, epoxy floors are environmentally safe, easy to clean, and maintain, leaving your floors with a flawless shine. If your floor is damaged, an epoxy coating can mask the appearance of abrasions and even fix them altogether. Additionally, epoxy floor coating is easy to install and notably affordable.

Polyurea floor coating is an elastomer created by mixing chemical compounds together. Mostly known for its flexible properties and quick cure time, polyurea can withstand high temperatures, heavy impact, water damage, and chemical spills like no other. As a result of the flexible properties of polyurea, it is exceptional in absorbing shock, meaning that no matter what you drop on the floor, it won’t leave a mark. A great benefit of using a polyurea floor coating is its UV resistance. This feature makes it an excellent option for flooring that is exposed to the sun for prolonged amounts of time as the appearance of the coating won’t fade.

Is Polyurea Better Than Epoxy?

At their core, both types of protective floor coatings can protect your floors against many different types of damage. However, sealing your floors with a polyurea or polyaspartic floor coating is ultimately the better option. Here at MACH ONE™, we often encourage homeowners and business owners to choose a polyurea concrete coating because of its many benefits. The flexibility and durability of polyurea mean that it can withstand a considerable amount of impact and damage before ever needing to be repaired or replaced. A bonus of choosing polyurea is the quick cure time the coating has. This means less downtime for your business or home while you invest in the longevity and appearance of your cement floors.

Whether you’re looking to preserve and protect your garage floor at home or the cement flooring at your business’ warehouse, the experts at MACH ONE™ are the premier concrete coating specialists. Contact a location near you today, and we’ll provide you with a free quote to help guide you through the process.

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