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Prepping Concrete for Epoxy Application: The MACH ONE™ Method

August 10, 2022
2 minute read
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When it comes to epoxy installations, properly preparing the surface is crucial to achieve lasting results. Continue reading to understand how MACH ONE™ Epoxy Floors preps concrete floors leading up to an application.

How to Prepare Concrete for Epoxy Application

The preparation of the concrete surface is the most critical part of coating concrete and not all preparation methods are the same. Grinding, shot-blasting, and acid etching are the most common methods of prepping concrete, but each has its place.

Concrete coatings are not paints or stains and must bond mechanically to concrete to properly adhere; therefore, grinding or shot-blasting (and sometimes a combination of the two depending on application type) are the best options for prepping most concrete. These options profile the concrete and expose pores giving the coating the surface it requires for a proper bond. This method also helps level off any minor imperfections and hide repairs done prior to coating.

The Beast: Our State of the Art Concrete Grinder

While many concrete coating companies grind, not all grinders are created equally. This is where bigger is better. MACH ONE grinders weigh almost 1000 pounds (hence our nickname, The Beast), with a head pressure of up to 440 pounds with four separate heads.

We utilize the same equipment whether it’s an industrial application for your business or for your home’s garage; powering through and removing previously installed failed coatings in a breeze.

Smaller grinders are much easier to work with, but we insist on using only the finest equipment and materials for the best results.

Dust control is very important as well. Utilizing our super-sized vacs with High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters, we are able to keep dust to an absolute minimum.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding prep and the proper methods for your specific application.

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